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Adwords and other Pay Per Click ad networks

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RubyAds is a London based startup working on some ground breaking technology that we believe will revolutionize the ad industry. Publishers! Take back control of your revenue...

3 days ago

How much budget you spend on adwords ? Do you get clients for business? Please share your experiecne.  

4 days ago

Greetings - I hardly see any drug or alcohol rehab ads in adwords any more except branded stuff. I know Google was cracking on sketchy ads but I am surprised they have restrted ...
Hello! i Work for a Long time with Matomy & never missed a single payment untill they sold they handover their business to creative clicks. few weeks go i received an email fro...

7 days ago

I'll buy an AdWords manager account, my skype id: live:iletisim_1067  
Hello, Digitalpoint Team! Do you have other advertising options like pinned threads or advertising letters (not only a banner) for email base? Thanks in advance!  
As advertisers get ready for a massive $15.4 billion spend on video ads in 2018, text-based publishers who want to stay competitive and increase their earnings should consider ...
Hi Guys, did you anyone received Paypal payments and get credited to the bank , from 1st December I didn't credit my money from hence I was received money on 30th November, ...

8 days ago

hello any one have coupon for propellerads adversting thanks  
Hello everybody! We are very proud to announce new part of uClick. CPC / PPC Banner Network with very effective advertising system for both publishers and advertisers. For...

11 days ago

Hi Is users deal with.x-crypto. selling BTC currency with earn funds with Ppal account? This resource offers perfect price - $10373 for BTC! Do you believe this site?  
Clickadu Astrologers proclaim a month of the Justice. The digital advertising market is risky and full of unscrupulous people. So, I suggest there should be at least one thr...

12 days ago

Hello anyone have idea what is best ad network with high ecpm for japan traffic? looking for popup/popunder network.  
Hello Out there, I and my partner in Bulgaria have been having some problems with google lately so we are looking for any person who can create our campaigns, we will pay the pe...
Hi Guys, I have 15,000 daily auto traffic and can increase this to 50,000 daily. Which are good CPM networks? I added but they pay very low. I am looking for ...

14 days ago

Pay per just click online look for motor promotion is indeed one of the most popular and cost-effective methods of promotion strategies available to entrepreneurs. The promotion...

17 days ago

Hello check this shit is there any PPC or CPM ad network better than Infolinks? my site top geos: US,UK,AU  

18 days ago

Hello , I have a crypto related url shortener with 10k+ hits per day . and I'm looking for direct advertisers . Let me know if you want to make a deal with me . Popads / B...
hi i need a INSTREAM ROLL advertising network for publisher thanks  
I have been working with mediablam .com for just 3 weeks and asked them for early payout so I knew I would be paid and they happily paid me! I have a viral story site about c...
Has anyone else had their AdWords account banned for life for a suspicious excuse and feel the real reason for the ban was because of race, political views or something of that...

21 days ago

Hi if buying good traffic for my website is possible to generate revenue more than invested ? i already tried buying traffic but , just received bot traffic shared your exper...
I don’t like myself when someone is arguing about a bad experience on the net and be doing this for an audience, especially using big words like 'scam', 'beware'. But the situat...

22 days ago

hi everyone , i m using popads for months , it was very good ad network, but the last month dont know why eCPM Rate has Reduced , can you explain this thank you .  

23 days ago

Hi all, I need some google grant accounts, if you have please contact me. skype: google7475 or PM me. Thanks  
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