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Hello Id like to know apart from google and facebook ppc programmes what are other best that can bring adsense safe traffic ? So far I have experimented with stumbleupon ppc...
Hi, I am looking for cheap country-wise targeted advertising options. Please can you share me some options for the same. Thanks, Onkar  

2 days ago

Hi guys, i have a question for those whose PAYPAL is registered in Germany. I want to register an account too,but i want to know firsthand: When you create an account with Ger...

5 days ago

Hi After running a Google ad of my website for a period of time, Google asks me to create new adds with splitting the keywords into groups to crea...

6 days ago

Hi, Did any publisher tested zergnet native ads ? I want to give them a try, but I didn't find any review of them here, also they have some things that make me wait, like the...

8 days ago

so i did some tests on a segment, on mobile , i got 4% CTR and 310 clicks, however on the website i counted 130 sessions (visitors ) i'm sure this are fraud clicks (to big...
Hello everybody, Today i'll give you a site that give you 0.6 per click in ads it give you in day 10$ by click in 20 ads I will not take your time to explain to you open thi...

10 days ago

Hi everyone, I have been searching on how I can increase the daily withdraw limit from $500 per day. I have contacted the PayPal support but no satisfactory response received...

11 days ago

Site with 500.000 monthly pageviews is looking for advertising company. If you are intrested or if you have any good idea please send me a message or comment bellow.  
Hi, For our new campaign, we need to know the search volumes for a number of US cities. I know you can do this through Keyword Planner, but the numbers are not precise eno...

12 days ago

use adsterra at ur own risk just yesterday i start using it, i was happy with the money, but it put virus in my all blogs. so i quit their service within 20-30 minutes of ti...
Hey, i am looking for an adnetwork for Turkey traffic. I have 3 million page views per month. I am using Popads for now but i want to try other networks too. Do you have any su...

13 days ago

Hello I recently put some ads on my site but now its I'm getting redirects and I can't figure out which ad company is this its saying istat.ojify anyone know which company is th...

14 days ago

Yes i ll help to you get this deal [ i m not account manager or something . ] you ll send the stats for Last 30 days of your current Network they ll offer to you %20 more th...
Hello people. I`ve been looking for quite some time, for a good adnetwork, that u can use for a samll website. Any ideeas ?  

15 days ago

I recently appeared for an interview and have been asked to work on 2 case study related to Paid Advertising. I have created the strategy document for Organic and Email Marketin...
I have a question for publishers and advertisers if they choose to answer. How many pops is to many pops, and is have multiple pops from different advertisers on the same site a...
video intelligence is a mobile video SSP. We are on a mission to enable publishers’ switch to video. As audiences gravitate towards watching over reading, our algorithm matc...

16 days ago

Gosearch ad network want to be a advertiser on our network we charge $0.01 cents per click on our ad network and you can pay with paypal we are a starting company and can provi...

20 days ago

I am an old paypal user, and I have received the notification to my e-mail address that my paypal account is permanently limited, which means I cannot use it anymore! I have ...

21 days ago

Hi, If you're having issues getting to get your popunder traffic to convert, we can pay a flat $0.5 CPM for all UK/US traffic (desktop) and we will buy all of your inventory...

22 days ago

Hello, I want to know if this website allows the placement of advert for fiverr gigs promotion? Thanks  

23 days ago

Hi, I've heard about this new native player called "vi stories" from video intelligence SSP. They say that it offers video advertising that matches website content, providin...

24 days ago

You can reach the 20$ per day with this site the Cpm is up to 9$ methode of payment : Paypal and more !  
Hi all, What is disadvantages of google adwords. Why am i asking this question. Because google adwords is not winning channel for every category of marketing. What ...
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