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How To Start Promoting Clickbank Product On Youtube:

ClickBank -
Step-1: Product Selection

You need to select some best selling digital products from clickbank marketplace. You will see thousands of products over there but i recommend you to choose from these 4 categories- make money, health & fitness, food & recipes, relationships. These 4 topics are always hot all over the year. After choosing your affiliate product now you have to find targeted keywords for YouTube video.

Step-2: Find Targeted Keywords

Finding targeted keyword is the main key to promote any affiliate products on YouTube and Google. If you create a video and optimized it with your targeted keywords, you will get real targeted traffic on your video and they are really seeking for that methods, offers, services & products you described inside your video. Suppose, you created a money making related tutorial video and at the end of your video you tell them to purchase complete secret tutorial with clickbank affiliate product. If they interested to earn money online, they will buy that product and you will get paid a commission. So it?s very much important to find out your targeted keywords for chosen clickbank product. So, how to find out targeted keyword? Okay, There are a lot of ways, tools, methods to find targeted keywords but i will show you very easy and simple ways to find real targeted keywords for YouTube video promotion. First you have to go on YouTube and search a basic keyword and enter space. Now YouTube will provide you a lot of keywords suggestions for video.

Suppose you have chosen weight loss related product, you can enter ?how to lose weight?, ?best diet to lose weight?, ?best weight loss programs? etc. These all are super targeted keywords. People who are facing over weighted problems, they search on YouTube like the above terms. So think about customers problems and you will get keyword ideas. So you should try and try to make it easy.After choosing a targeted keyword, you have to optimized it on YouTube video title, keywords, descriptions and tags. Before doing that you have to create a promotional video for clickbank product.

Step-3: Create a Promotional Video

To create a high quality promotional video you can create yourself with different software like video maker fx, easy sketch pro etc. But i recommend you to hire a freelancer on fiverr and spend some dollar to create a high quality testimonial video. You can get a qualified video only just $5, $10 and $15. So, for lifetime benefits you should do this.Goto and search by ?video testimonial?. You will see a lot of people are offering their gigs or services. Find a best one, communicate with him and order.

Now you completed your video, It?s time to upload it on YouTube and optimize it.

Step-4: Upload & Optimize YouTube Video

When everything is ready, you should do some important tasks before uploading your video.

First, Rename your video name by your final keyword. If your final keywords is ?how to lose weight fast without exercise?, rename video name by this final keyword, okay???

Next, you need to create an eye catching custom thumbnail. You can do it on Photoshop or other online tools. When done, you should rename this thumbnail by your final keyword, okay???

When done these above two tasks, now upload it on YouTube. After uploading your video, you have to provide proper title, description and tags/keywords. Follow the proper guideline below to optimize your video.

Title: Your final keyword

Description: Write a 100-300 words unique article that contains 2-3% keyword density and put affiliate product link at the beginning of your description.

Tags: add all related keywords

When everything is done, now you can publish your affiliate video and try to rank it on YouTube first page. Once you get it on first page, you will get a lot of targeted traffic and views on your video on autopilot. AND you will make money automatically without doing any work. Now the very important task is how to rank your video on first page. I will share some proven tips and tricks to rank any YouTube video very fast.

How to rank YouTube videos fast:

Tricks-1: Share and share your YouTube video on popular social media sites especially on google plus, Facebook, twitter and pinterest. The more shares, the more ranking (remember)

Tricks-2: Increase real human views, When you share your video, you will get real human views. There are some black hat methods to increase views but they are not good for permanent result & ranking. You will see a lot of people are offering 2000 views, 5000 views, 8000 views only at $5 on fiverr. But i personally recommend you not to take their services because maximum of them will use black hat bot, tools, and software?s to increase your video views. If YouTube can identify, they will permanently banned your video for ranking, you can?t rank trying lifetime. So be careful. You should approach on a legit ways. You can see on of my proven video ranking tutorial for faster ranking without taking any black-hat methods.

Tricks-3: The more likes, more subscribers, more add to favorite, the more rapid ranking of your video. So you should increase these above things. See my proven video ranking tutorial how to increase this.When you done this above things i mentioned, your video will start getting rank on first page day by day. So enjoy clickbank affiliate marketing and make money online without doing work.When you write video description, you have to add call to action link at the beginning of your video. Call to actions may be like ?Click here: your clickbank product link? or ?Order here: your clickbank product link? or ?Download here: your clickbank product link? ?Click here to get complete methods: your clickbank product link? etcWhen you put clickbank affiliate link, you have to shorten it by ###### or Google URL Shortener. Just add this link with call to action text at the beginning of your video. When someone watches your video, he will click on the link in video description and he will directly go to the clickbank product page. If he purchase that product, you will get paid.So in this way, you can really make some extra money online with clickbank without a website or blog. And if you have any website, you can use website link instead of Shorten URL. And you can watch my exclusive video to get free landing page on blogger to promote any clickbank product without a website/blog.


Clickbank is a world largest digital product affiliate marketplace. In this market, you will get up-to 80% commissions of each products you sale. Join today and start your clickbank affiliate marketing. If you have any query, just contact me on email or Skype, i will help you. AND do not forget to share my article, click the button below to share your friends, Thank you.[color="#0000FF"][/color]
Date: May 17, 2017   

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