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SEO site review help. Can't beat Kijjiji!

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Hi all,

So i have tought myself SEO over the years as i have worked in digital marketing. A few years ago i quit the rat race and started a wood mill. Over the last 3 years my site has gained ranking and organic traffic topping out at around 4k organic visits a month. A few months ago i relaunched my site but the site wasn't coded very well. By the time i realized what was happening and fixed the issues my traffic tanked. My biggest keywords are:

Live Edge Wood

Wood Slabs

Live Edge Tables

Live Edge Countertops

Live Edge Lumber

My issue is that i went from being the first 3 links to being the 4-7 (for my top keyword Live Edge Wood). Nothing i do seems to put me above the 1-3 Kijiji links for that serch term... damn KIJIJI!

If you guys who have more experience in this could take a look at my website and provide feedback or suggestions.

Also is it worth to post on social media like reddit and pintrest to get traffic? My business is mostly local so traffic from around the world is kind of useless but i'm not sure if google takes into account social media referral traffic in its organic algorithm

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I plan to have a new page for live edge tables as soon as my woodshop is up and running.
Date: Jul 30, 2017   

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