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Any experience or opinions on long lists?

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I manage a domain which uses a very long list of product categories,

each category can have sub categories, and those sub categories can have further categories etc.

And the end of the day, once the code is generated into HTML via the browser, the list alone is over 2000 lines of html and js.

Keep in mind, the actual content is very short, 50 to 100 words so im a little concerned with [fluff], every page has the same

ridiculously long list and Im weary that this might effect the SEO standard of the website. Its basically the same duplicated list on every page,

However, the list is hidden with JS and only visible when you click/toggle something

I have been looking for an option where html can be included into the document without it being seen in the source code,

obviously this is not an option so this is what i am considering:

1. Only show the list if there is a valid session. Basically , hide the list from Google so they only see the core/product content.

2. Using Jqueries load function i could add the list on a trigger. so the html list doesnt exist until it is requested.

3. I could use ajax to fetch the data as needed but I really dont like this option, i

prefer having everything readily available and showing/hiding as needed.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with long menu lists or similar.
Date: Jul 29, 2017   

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