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Overseas company using my client's marketing photos

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Hi all,

One of my clients recently received an email from a company in Pakistan that sells a similar product to my client, asking to be my client's new supplier. The person emailing was using one of my client's marketing photos in his email signature. My boss has asked me to draft a cease and desist-esque letter. We're not involving lawyers (at least not yet), just hoping he'll knock it off if we warn him. I plan to use a template and sound as formal as possible without mentioning specific laws.

Here's my question: would we even be able to bring a suit if the violation took place outside of the United States? I'm relatively new to the marketing industry and am pretty ignorant of copyright law. Just wondering if the offender will know that there's nothing we can do to stop him.

Thanks for your help! I just joined this site and didn't complete a thorough search, so I apologize if this is similar to other threads.

Date: Jan 10, 2017   

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