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Why are you not using reviews for business?

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Why are you not using customer feedback to increase sales and new customer acquisition? Are you afraid to get negative reviews? did you know that almost 95% of the organic feedback from customers are negative reviews? while it is less than 7% of all your customers...why would you not collect reviews from the other 93% happy clients?

why cust feedback is good:

SEO: Google love fresh and regularly updated User Generated Content. Reviews, recommendation is probably one of the biggest requests on search everybody does reviews starting by google itself, facebook, yelp, tripadvisor etc etc

SERP: With great content on multiple platforms you will increase your online presence and rank with quality content (90 characters +). Saying this, inhouse customer surveys are not indexed by search engines.

Customer acquisition: with recommendations you turn your existing clients into brand ambassadors. they are your best sales Reps!

Negative reviews: they are an opportunity for you to show up and deliver, show to prospects that you own it and you will fix it by responding to all negative reviews! Still creates content tho!!!

if you want to start to collect customer feedback with contact me through Digital Point and i will provide you with a one year free of charge no hidden fee license. there is no catch. we have a proof of concept on the french market we are serving now other markets.

sorry it s my first post i might need to work on my writing skills...

Date: Sep 4, 2017   

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