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Who is responsible for pricing in online store team?

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We have started a startup. Our solution deals with is price and inventory monitoring. For now, we’ve created a prototype (as Windows application). At the moment, we are actively looking for the ways to reach our target audience.

We are wondering: who are our potential customers in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, EU countries? We think that most possibly it may be small online retail stores, but we are not sure what they really are. Likely, they are small teams of 10-15 members. If so, who in these companies is actually responsible for pricing (thereafter who is likely our target audience)? Is it whoever called price marketer? But on the other hand, such companies are unlikely to have a special crew member for pricing.

So, who is that person who will actually be using our product? As we imagine, purchasing depends exactly on their interest. We would appreciate if you could clarify our speculations on this topic.

Date: Jul 31, 2017   

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