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Trustworthy domain name for a Designer

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Need help from You Guys, pls

My name is Piotr Sierant, I am a graphic designer from Poland building a website for english speaking clients (want to go international). I cannot decide on my core domain name. Could You tell me, what name looks and sounds best for you? And of course is not wierd, because a lot of people are paranoid about opening websites with some exotic extensions.

1.My surname is taken by pretty big polish company (they make windows). I can register or - but I am afraid people will be directed to initials + grfx... - it is short and have .com extension and I have it already. Does it look wierd, like 6 random letters? (Even was available, so it is kind of unusual) initials + design - is taken by another graphic studio but I can have It looks good because .PSD ( is Photoshop file extension, but same thing with - I am afraid people will be directed to

4.Another idea -

Could You give me your first impressions when you look at: (my favourite now)

(or maybe different idea?)

Generally I am looking for a word that means something for english and polish speaking clinets. Do You know any polish word? For example "na zdrowie" (it means "cheers"). And pls do not say "vodka"

My core message is:

"Why hire a freelance designer?

If you want to work and communicate with a real human being this is the way to go."

Big THX for any help!

Date: Sep 9, 2017   

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