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Quickest way to make money

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Is without a doubt to offer a service. If you can figure out a service people want they will shove money into your hands whenever you need it. One of the best examples of this I've seen was when I was using an app called Nextdoor. I highly recommend this app for people who like to be in the know of your local neighborhood activity. Your neighbors are posting able local events, lost/found pets, suspicious activity, stuff they're selling, etc on that app.

Well apparently someone got the bright idea to offer his power washing services on the app. This was brilliant because the neighborhood I live in is middle class and with private homes. He offered free estimates whether or not the home owner was home. He had like 45 replies in no time at all. I found out his pricings were from $35 and up. Single family house $175. Single family drive way $50. Walk way $35-$50. All townhouses $50 front, $50 back or $85 for both. Drive way $25 and walk way $25. And he also do piers. But say you don't live in the best of neighborhoods. The app doesn't care. You're the one specifying where you live! So in essence you could prospect in as many neighborhoods as you're willing to travel to.

Home Depot has power washers but want $55 for 4 hours which is impractical. But one could just try mold armour. It's a spray that attaches to their hose. You spray it on, wait 10 minutes and rinse it off. It reportedly works great and if you're unsure slash your prices and offer a newbie promo to see. Otherwise, you could use that very same app and ask to borrow a power washer and then watch some youtube videos about how to do a good job.

If you don't want to get your hands dirty then just see what services people are clamoring for on here and offer that. No need to wait for SEO or spend tons of ppc to make some decent, on demand cash when you really need it. Offer a service, think convenience, and make that money! Good luck!

Date: Sep 9, 2017   

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