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Vacation Rental website need direction

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Hello I'm new to Digitalpoint and I feel that's this forum may be the one that can help me grow in term of informations and activity.

I've started VR site by myself by using the web template online software for over 2 months now and I feel like it didn't go anywhere since there is no potential guests inquire let alone convert and I felt a bit lost.

What's the first things I should be doing in order to get customers to book directly to us instead of those big OTA sites? for SEO I mostly hire the people on Fiverr to help write our blog contents and article and doing back link and few guest posting, still there isn't much of a traffic going to our site. I know it's only been 2 months but at least I should be seeing improvement which in this case not at all, so I may assume that's I must have done something wrong and perhaps members here in Digitalpoint could help point me to the right directions and giving back the hope I needed.

Thank You, I hope I don't get banned for asking trivia questions

Date: Sep 7, 2017   

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