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Converting YouTube content into blog posts

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I have a YouTube channel with 100k or so views a month. Very loyal following.

For a long time, I have intended to support the channel with a blog.

I provide informational videos that can and should be converted into blog posts.

The reason I've not followed through on this is simply through lack of time and I don't want to take away from my primary source of traffic, YouTube.

I am considering investing in a writer to create content for the vast majority of my videos.

I have keyword rich domain names for my niche and could spend a good amount of time doing SEO, I just don't have time to write all the posts.

Has anyone done something similar?

Do you think it would be worth investing the money in hiring a VA to write up all of the content?

I know I'll have to wait to see results so it's a bit of an investment and a gamble. I am just not sure how much of a gamble it really is and if it's where I should be spending my money.

I'd like to get a blog up to 100k visitors a month to match the YouTube channel.

Appreciate any advice.


Date: Aug 11, 2017   

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