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New to Video Ads, Lots of Questions

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TL;DR: Half a million requests, zero impressions.

I have recently jumped into the mysterious world of video advertising, and have some questions that might help me understand what I might be doing wrong.

1. When inputing a new tag from a demand partner into the server, I have to choose between VPAID Flash, VPAID JS, or VAST. When I ask the demand partner which one I should choose for a particular tag, they always answer something like, "VPAID Flash, I guess. Lots of demand!"

2. When I make a new tag for a network publisher partner, my choices are VPAID Flash and VPAID JS. When I ask them which one they prefer, they give the same kind of less-than-certain response, usually VPAID Flash.

3. If the video player that is calling my ad can't play flash or vice-versa, then am I correct in assuming that if I have given them the wrong type of tag, I could end up with 500k requests, but no impressions? And even if I have given them the correct type of tag, if the demand linked to it in my server is the other type, I should again expect no impressions?

4. When I am testing a new tag, why does it take such a long time for the player to either display an ad, or decide not to display an ad? I realize each of my demand tags might be calling a waterfall, and each of those might be calling other waterfalls, but I would think whatever bidding that's taking place should be lightning fast or else it's defeating the entire purpose of video ads.

5. The universal response to low fill rates is "more traffic!" Over the last few days, I've had half a million requests and zero impressions. The techs with the platform I'm using (Verta Media) say my setup is fine. My supply partner says it looks ok on his end too. But no impressions. The server tag macros have been done properly, and the traffic is Tier 1, and mostly from some good quality sites. Again, zero impressions.

If anyone has any knowledge to lend from their experience with video advertising, it would be very much appreciated.

Date: Jan 9, 2017   

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