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Politics? WordPress management turns Evil and attempts to make me look bad

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I am author of a free optimization plugin for WordPress that is used by over 10,000 websites. Users have expressed their appreciation for the plugin that enables WordPress websites to achieve a good performance quality for SEO (including a Google PageSpeed 100 score).

wordpress org/plugins/above-the-fold-optimization/

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WordPress turns evil for no apparent reason

I was getting some bad vibes and a moderator has provided angry comments to my WordPress support topics (in which I tried to help WordPress users as best as I could). He makes it look as if I was advertising something in my signature, while that was not the case.

I signed all my posts with the following simple signature:

Best Regards,

Jan Jaap

info pagespeed pro (email)?

The signatures have been replaced by a link to WordPress rules that state the following:


Using your profile for advertisement in posts unrelated to your themes and plugins is discouraged. This includes signature links and URLs in display names.?

I was not advertising anything and besides that, it was my plugin. Other users use the same type of signatures, even in the topic where the moderator replied and commanded me to never post "those signatures" again.

codex.wordpress org/Forum_Welcome#Signatures

wordpress org/support/topic/bad-directory-structure-logic-for-proxy-scripts/

To make it worse, they restricted my WordPress access so that comments need to be moderated before they are posted. Apparently to show me that they do not trust me.

How could they treat me so disrespectfully?

I provide a free plugin that improves SEO and performance for which many users are thankful and I was providing free support on the forums, that costs a lot of my time.

Regrettably, I am attacked by the Dutch Government because I stood for truth. I was author of a city platform called "I Love City Name" with over 500,000 users and I wrote a blog to expose crimes by the Government that has been read by over 1 million people in The Netherlands. The Government has never responded and hides in silence.

I am 100% honest and I have done nothing wrong.

It seems like a possibility that this situation may be related to my problems with the Government and that politics got to WordPress management to attack me and make me look bad.

I hope that someone on this forum could provide some advise. I just want to do a good thing and provide a great service. It would be terrible if politics could come between that.

Best Regards,

Jan Jaap

Date: Jan 9, 2017   

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