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Display Network only: How to know the bid?

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I can't figure out how I can select a bid for a specific ad campaign?

I want to use Display Network only. That means, my Ads should only show up on websites, and not within the google Search Site (SERPS).

Market: Credit and loans

Related keywords.

I am also using the Display Network to chose from specific websites.

How do I know what bid I should chose?

I mean the exact $value?

Let's say.. the average bid on a page is $5 according to the Display Planner.

What happens if I chose my max bid at $1?

My ads will never show up?

I would love to learn more about this topic. I am also willing to pay an AdWords Pro for counseling, tutoring and or working for me.

Thank you very much for every little help,

appreciate it!

Date: Sep 13, 2017   

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