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Why You Should Use Landing Pages For Your Google AdWords Campaigns

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Why? Matching.

Building a unique page for each PPC ad campaign gives you the opportunity to create cohesive copy on your pages. Not only does Google like a super accurate page/ ad match, but your PPC clickers will too. Your visitors have high expectations. You need to meet their critical expectations in 5 seconds or less or that viewer is going to leave, and you’ll lose any potential for conversions.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

I particularly love this method for Google AdWords campaigns. These types of landing pages at sort of like fishing nets. You throw them out onto a unique, stand alone page on your site and periodically bring in your lead capture.

Additionally, this method is conducive to using dynamic keywords for increasing conversions. And it makes it much more streamlined to track, measure and optimize results.

Date: Sep 4, 2017   

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