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google adsense on litespeed powered server: not a good idea?

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For a year i used a vps with cpanel/whm on a linux server. My CPU was always around 4,5 so i wanted to try litespeed.

I have 10 websites with no adsense on it and those 10 websites links to 1 of my website which has adsense on it.

Since day 1 i installed litespeed and disabled apache, my adsense earnings dropped with 200%. the cost per 1000 decreased like crazy. the views doesnt get changed.

I tried then 2 things:

1. i moved the website with adsense on it to another host. but the earnings didnt increased again

2. i then disabled direct linking from those adsense sites so google wont see where the traffic is from. i think they think the traffic comes from a proxy site as i use google adsense

2. i then disabled litespeed and my earnings increased again. but cpu was high again.

3. i then enabled litespeed and enabled client ip so orginal ip adress of my visitors is showed--> earnings increased

so in conclusion: litespeed is not good for websites with adsense.

Now how can we fix this problem? google thinks your website is a proxy website with no real traffic.

i am using the trial version, but looks i am not gonna buy litespeed if my earnings get decreased like this?

Date: Sep 13, 2017   

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