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I cant monetize my Reddit traffic :(

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I get loads of traffic from Reddit,as Reddit users are usually reluctant to click on ads,i had no money using CPA ads.For example,i used propeller interstitial ads,i get 20 usd for 10 k visitors that i get from Facebook,and i got 0 USD(yes 0 USD) for 10 k traffic that i got from Reddit.Most of y traffic is from US and UK.

I tried some native ads like adnow and they rate was pretty nothing.i cant use more popular native ads at the moment as my site is newly launched and my Alexa rank is about 700 k.

I tried globaladmedia but their impression counting is very bad(28 impression for 6 k visitors).

So how can i monetize my Reddit traffic,users are very reluctant to click on any ads.

What would be your offer?


Date: Sep 4, 2017   

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