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Hi guys!

So i have been working in a digital marketing firm as a project manager. I tried to use Asana , trello and other platforms to manage the day to day tasks and milestones, And this was not easy.

So i decided to solve this problem.

I launched a new SAAS service that helps Digital marketers and Agencies easily manage and keep an eye on multiple Campaigns as once.

Average Digital marketers can manage around 20 PPC/Digital marketing campaigns as once, However, using our platform you can easily manage 100 alone, And with a team you can SCALE!

Iam looking for Beta Tester who will take this baby on a ride and give feedback.

in return, you get to keep your account for free when we launch in a month.

Please PM me with your details


Agency name:

Number of Campaigns to manage:




This SAAS application helps you track metrics from sources such as Adwords, Analytics, Callrail, Search Console, Facebook, Youtube ( More to come)


Simple Unified Metrics Dashboard

Campaign Overview

Campaign Task Management

Status / Logs/ Attachments

Team Management

Client Management

Client Login


Please PM me with your details and i will create you an account.

Also, note how many campaigns would you like to manage and I will add you in the system for free.


Date: Aug 4, 2017   

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