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I'm going to do SEO for one web studio. I have 12 years of exp in SEO, but the problem is that I almost don't know english speaking market. All my progects where in russian segment of the Internet.

So... I need a strategy, cause my client wants to get an orders to the web development from the english speaking segment. I know that it's extremly hard and the domain name was registered few hours ago. It's almost impossible to get an organic traffic in these conditions, so I have some question for ya fellas.

First of all I need a list of websites like this one - It's an agregator. Many companies are introdused there. This website have some traffic, so if I register my client there - it can help. So I'm asking you to help me to make a list of websites like where I can register my client. I'm not talking about low quality directories. Only well done services which you know. U deffinately use them every day, cause U R not from Belarus like me and you use eng Internet every day So U should know some good websites.

Also I think now about region in which I'll do SEO. May be the full english Speaking Internet is not a good choise? I even dont have a semantic core yet because of this. I was thinking about SEO only in some kind of small region of US for example. Or may be better start with keywords like "outsource in Belarus", "outsource in Russia" and so on.

Some words about this web studio. They have 10 years exp, very huge portfolio, high quality design. I realy like and respect them as web-developers. But they worked for now only in Russia and Belarus and all that I have is a new domain and ther phone nomber in New-York. That's it. They even don't have an office there in US.

So, what do you think?

Date: Jun 15, 2017   

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