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I want to share my opinion with my friends here. Sorry for my bad English.

First I created a website with godaddy and started posting related contents. I created a Facebook page and started sharing my links. I also shared my links in Facebook comments and groups only for getting clicks. Those days my average clicks were 500-600 per day.

But on January 30 I noticed that Facebook blocked my link. There were only 5-6 clicks from Google. I did not know about seo then. I had no option, I only wanted that Facebook again unblock my link. I checked my link with some online antivirus programs. The real culprit was an online visitor counter. I removed that code and submit a review to Facebook. After 1 week my link got unblocked for only 1 day and then it was blocked again. But in that single week I only read about seo. I edited each and every post. Added keywords being searched. Related links. Images seo.

In my opinion the simple and main thing is the similarity among post title, post link, keywords, categories. I had added many tags to a single post. I thought I may bring more traffic with more tags but I was wrong. The same post was got indexed in Google with those tags. I think it is dangerous. I removed all tags from post and rebuild sitemap. Removed all indexed tags with Google search console URL removal tool. I created backlinks. Do follow and no follow. I targeted a specific keyword. And I choosen my homepage for this keyword. I created backlinks from Google plus, Reddit, yahoo answers, WordPress, some directories, commenting, plain text links. After 1 month. My traffic graph was going higher. It was 200+ clicks from Google. I was very happy. But next day dropped below 150. I noticed this many times. Traffic can't go higher and higher it will drop and in few day again it grows higher and more higher. I got success when my keyword ranked first in May be after 1 and half month, but I had only few traffic with that keyword which search volume is 70,000. It was because my contents are in Indian language. So I changed my targeted country to India. After 4-5 days my homepage ranked 1 on (Google India). Traffic grows to 2-3k per day. My homepage was getting About 70% clicks. I kept reading more about seo and watched some seo experts videos. Those guys are really awesome Neil Patel, brian dean, I followed something they told but only few things. You can see screenshot of my traffic this month. I said the graph can't be a straight line. It will decrease and then increase. I don't know how much traffic can a hosting with 170 users online can handle but my with godaddy shared plan 500mb physical memory became red. I recently bought 1 GB ram with godaddy, I don't think they are best hosting here. Now my posts are also ranking. I did not created any backlinks for my posts but some of them are in top 10 with a good search volume. The thing I learned is read creat test and then edit again test it and test until you get rank 1. The real work start when you get rank 1. Think what it that work.


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Date: May 19, 2017   

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