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Interview at a reputed India Ecommerce Website

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Hi guys,

I would like to share this story with you. I beg for your forgiveness if this is not the right place to submit this.

Yesterday 12-sep-17, I went for an interview at Shopclues it is one of the reputed Ecommerce website after Amazon, flipkart, and snapdeal.

I went their thinking that i will learn something new from these people. How they manage/optimize millions of pages product pages how they target keywords and I always crave for tests related to digital marketing.

But I was really disappointed (no paper), 1st came the tech round with the ?SEO Head?. He asked me to ?tell me something about myself? and then I started saying those boring things, my name, my qualification, where have I been working previously.

After all this aside he asked me ?have you how to do search keyword research?? I told him for b2b I use this this this and for ecommerce I use this this this.

And after a lengthy discussion about on-page and technical SEO, he told me that there is a category page which is not stable. He said that the keyword fluctuates a lot and does not stay on the same position i.e. 1st page, 2nd page and sometimes vanishes!

I asked him about what do they do for link building and he told me that they don?t do any link building. Wait what not link building!!!!

He told me that and I will quote ?Link building is something which takes a lot of time and a complete waste of time.? It made it clear to me why they are getting fluctuations in their rankings.

The SEO head told me that he can achieve top ranking by just doing on-page BUT they don?t stay there and I was still confused thinking that this is some kind of test.

And FYI I never underestimate other people so I never question them until I do the whole research and collect the facts.

I also asked him about their website if the website is https and he said NO. NOTE: please clarify if any1 of you have positive experience after implementing HTTPS. I never have used it so I don?t know but ppl like google, brian and neil has always put a focus on HTTPS.

Ok moving on, he told me that they do On-page, and technical SEO but before going there I checked their site speed and it was not good on both mobile/desktop.

He told me that we optimize title tags and Meta description to improve over ranking. And I was like??? (yes it helps but not by much).

This is all for now. Let me know if you want to hear more and If linkbuilding is important in ecommerce.
Date: Sep 13, 2017   

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