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Hi everyone, my name is Wale Bello. I am an internet marketer and like to use the internet to better the results of my business. I will not take your time with stories about me on this forum, if you will like to know a bit more about me, please visit

This thread is intended to show how I market my business online and the results I get with every strategy I implement, Basically, I?ll be showing you what I do, and letting you know of what works and what isn?t.

My hope is that people who will like to take this path will learn from my successes and not too good results. I will love contributions from other internet marketers as well. As the saying goes, no man is an island. Let?s make it as interactive as possible.

So? welcome on board.

First of all I?ll like to tell you what exactly I market. I have 2 websites and On network with social, I have 3 main products, an Internet Marketing Course, consisting of 4 powerful video courses and six eBooks. The second product is a marketing system that does a lot for you on autopilot. And a membership program where you can download unlimited internet marketing resources from eBooks, to videos, ready graphics and everything in between. While on, I basically do network marketing. There are also 3 products I offer on the site. Something about three hahaha. One is a supplement drink, the other is a vacation membership with a free vacation as a bonus, and the third is an online flight and hotel booking system. All of these you can be part of, of course

I designed these sites and it has taken me about 2 years to come up with what you will see so far, when you check them. On the surface they look quite simple, but there is a powerful back office inside the sites.

I understand vividly that there will always be room for improvements, so please bring it on? your suggestions and realistic criticism.

Site Marketing Started

Well, I had to start marketing the site even when I kept seeing a need for improvement. If I did not close my eyes to these things, I will never stop developing the site, and face what will put some food on the table, ?.selling. Designers on board, am I making some sense.

To be continued??
Date: May 19, 2017   

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